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evidence of some of my adventures from last sunday. garage sale. apartment building of estate sale. walking back from seeing 500 days of summer. pink and paths converge in the most unlikely ways. but somehow it always happens like that. for me, anyway. it is an afterthought. perhaps it is all in the editing. dunno and i don’t expect to learn anytime soon, truthfully.

rmff film festival

last year one of my pieces, “anon” made it into the 7th annual ready made film festival. this year they chose a multimedia piece from india called, “samadhi.” they are screening it this saturday night in downtown la. come check it out on the big screen if you are around.

details here: rmff.

la times article

a few of my photographs were published on the online version of the los angeles times. ashley conde and i are doing a short video piece for the upcoming sergio aragones exhibit which will officially open at the ojai valley museum on august 22, 2009.

the article.

the slideshow.


© ellen webber

i have been having fun with the leica m8 as of late. one thing i have noticed, however, is a chromatic aberration with the blown out parts of the picture (seen here in the top lightbulb). not sure why it happens–i have used the m8 before with a different lens and it didn’t do this.



jesse is cool. he’s a sensitive and introspective photographer and he is also happens to be my boss (a great boss!) he always makes sure that i get the most out of everything that he bosses me to do (he’s my boss, remember?). he loves music and most of the good music i know i found out from him. he also buys me lunch and coffee sometimes (because he’s nice and i’m poor). what a guy!

see some of his work at his website:

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