once opened, follow up

if you read my earlier post, once opened, you will know that i have a gallery show with two of my friends, ashley and sara.

in case you couldn’t make it, here are some pictures of the exhibit. but, it’s still up, so if you are in ventura you should definitely go see it!

jesse groves was the curator and he really helped us think through the process. some of it was about shooting, but most of it was about editing, writing and thinking.

once opened, title signin the main hallway we decided to each have two pictures on opposite sides of each other.

once opened, main hallhere are the two of mine:

once opened, Elsewhere (the places we sometimes inhabit)once opened, (In India I found) Salvationthe process of editing was really intense, but i began to look at my pictures in a new way. namely, through the eyes of others. it is one thing to have an archive of thousands of pictures, existing as pixels on a hard drive. it is entirely another to go through years of work, choose a few to go with a theme and display them for others to see. they take on another life.

once opened,Fallible by Sara Crosseach of the three of us had a wall designated to our selections in the rotunda area. this is sara’s wall. she did a really amazing job creating the feeling of a scene. it is emotional and highly intimate.

once opened, tv wallturning to the right of that, is the wall with my story, the tv which also displayed a few of the manslaughter vignettes, and the three on the other side was one from each of us (from the top, ashley, me and sara).

once opened, Memory and Longingthis was my 10-picture main piece, called Memory and Longing.

once opened, Metamorphosis by Ashley Condehere is ashley’s mixed media piece called Metamorphosis. it incorporates not only her self-portraits, but some of her writing and painting. this one, like the others, is really easy to get absorbed into. it’s like a landscape of her emotions and creativity.

once openedduring the opening, this wall housed a projection of video portraits that were played back in slow motion. since we couldn’t keep the projector there, we opted to display screen grabs from the video.

once openedin the left picture our eyes are closed and in the right, open. (from top, sara, me and ashley)

once opened, bathroom hallwaythe show was pretty heavy, so we decided to inject some levity. this is the hallway to the men’s bathroom. still a great space, but since all of us ladies never go down there, thought it was kind of the hallway that the leftovers are put into. this might be my favorite part of the show, because of its humor.

once opened, Overlooked by Ashley CondeOverlooked by Ashley

once opened, Ellen's bathroom seriesfrom left, Failed Attempts at Getting Out, In Frat’s Bathroom, and Unisex

once opened, Sara's bathroom seriesfrom left, Pedantic, Porcelain, and Hiding by Sara Cross

so, go see it in person if you can. we had a lot of great feedback on it, so judging by that it will be worth it. here is to having gallery exhibits and sharing work with people!

november. salton sea adventure.

so, i graduated and to prevent myself from going too insane, devised an adventure with some friends (angi, mike and esau to be exact).

we went to the salton sea. it was fun. and a little creepy. all at the same time.

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