big in japan

my friend angi is leaving to teach english in japan for a year, so she had a garage sale to liquidate. most of the customers were her loyal friends. it was fun, and i got some cool stuff.

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the VW bus

My main role for Intern Edition was Multimedia Editor, but I also worked on one of the stories as producer and photographer. Scot Braswell pitched a story about VW bus culture at one of our meetings and I immediately knew that I wanted to be a part of it. In Washington, DC, he found Deb Everhart, owner of a completely original bus and Kwaku Alston, a photographer based in Venice, CA who has a series called Volkslivin. It was beyond fun and Scot effortlessly conceived and reported this charming story.

IE3D premiere

The Intern Edition 3D premiere (the combined effort of over 50 breathtakingly talented interns) happened almost a month ago, but being so wrapped up in editing and moving back to the left coast, I am just now getting to it. My main role was Multimedia Editor. Watch it!

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