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Over the weekend I shot some photos for a story on NPR about synthetic speech. This morning I was delighted to find the photo lead on the NPR homepage!

17-year-old Samantha Grimaldo was born without a voice, and relies on sign language and ipad and iphone apps to communicate. With the iphone app she uses, there are three voices to choose from, with only one being female. Fortunately, a speech scientist at Northeastern University, Rupal Patel, has been developing individuated synthetic voices for people like Samantha. Click on the image below to see photos of Samantha, and listen to the complete story on

Synthetic Speech

Lighthouse and ice cream

Work took me to Maine the other week. Along the way I stopped in York and saw the Nubble Light House and had my first taste of Brown’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream (peanut butter and chocolate).

Scully Estate, Islip, NY

This is where my friends, Sara and Aaron, got married this May. About a month before the wedding, we stopped by and looked around. Currently, the Scully Estate is an environmental center and also an historical building where tours of the nature center are given weekly. Though no one lives on the reserve now, but it still retains its yesteryear charm. Aaron lived part of his childhood here, so it was an especially sentimental place for them to exchange vows.

technicolor blooms

I didn’t get to DC for the cherry blossoms, so I had to make due with the blossoming trees here in Boston’s Public Garden (note: these images are not in their true, original color).

Queen Mary, 2006

Taken at the Queen Mary in Long Beach during the Marine Corps Ball. I was with a few friends, a about two weeks after I began my formal photographic studies at Brooks. I took this picture and wasn’t sure if it was “good” or not. What is the definition of good, anyway? Seeing it now, I realize how much uncertainty goes into my photography. Editing myself is always a challenge; it is entirely too difficult to separate the work from the feelings I experienced during the scene.

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